About the club


The Motoring Club was started by Michael Rapetti and Ryan Phinny, two enthusiasts with different backgrounds and a shared passion for cars (and classic Range Rovers).  Michael comes from the tech world having worked for a number of successful start-ups (including AdRoll, Marine Layer and Twitter). Ryan compliments things with a background in both hospitality and racing.

The idea began as a dream that Michael had while working for Vroom, an automotive start-up in NYC.  It’s an idea that many car enthusiasts have had through the years but didn’t seem to exist, a simple concept of a permanent cars and coffee type destination, a place for enthusiasts to gather 7 days a week.  That dream led him to drop everything in New York, and pack up his truck to head out to LA. Once in LA, he set-out to immerse himself in the LA car culture and test if the concept had legs. While in LA, he met a ton of passionate enthusiasts including his business partner Ryan Phinny, a professional racing driver who grew up in the hospitality industry (Baja Cantina restaurants) and collector car world.


We’re thrilled to be here and can’t wait to meet fellow enthusiasts and future members!