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What does a membership get me?

Memberships unlock all of the member-only discounts, benefits, and events that we’ve negotiated with our partners. It also comes with access to original content and recommendations to the brands we trust.

What does that mean? We offer discounts and benefits across all the major categories such as automotive care, maintenance, aftermarket shops, accessories, and more. Just by leveraging our discount with Tirebuyer on your next tire purchase, your membership could pay for itself. Literally, you’ll have access to thousands of dollars worth of savings and member-only events (in LA and SF to start)!  Early partners will give you preferred pricing on aftermarket parts & accessories, extended warranties, roadside assistance and more.

We are launching our service early with a limited number of launch partners so we will be adding new benefits every month.  We are also looking for founding members to give lots of feedback and help guide our partnerships in the future. We are building this service to provide as much value to our members as possible!

Along with our initial 12+ partners at launch we will be offering our concierge service which will allow members to ask us for help in connecting them with the right company, service provider or any other question you might have in your pursuit of cars.  We have some great contacts across the country and industry so we want to be your trusted source and help point you in the right direction. Think of us as your friends in the industry.

Who are the other members?

We know that car enthusiasts are very particular about their automotive interests, so you might be asking what kind of car enthusiast qualifies? The answer is a bit of a cop-out…anyone who loves cars! Seriously though, we know that people tend to identify as a Porsche guy or a Mustang gal, but our content, info and partners try to appeal to a wider audience of people who love and respect any car or truck that is interesting, rare or just plain cool.  

With that being said, we know we can’t be everything to everyone, so our early partners and much of our content is generally aimed at the European crowd (not literally, just people who drive and like European cars!).

What kind of member “experiences and events” are available?

We’ll have member-only track days at your favorite circuits, meet-ups and other unique events. We will be rolling out local based events in California to start (both San Francisco and LA).

Is this a local or national club?

We are a national membership club, so most of our partnerships are with national or online partners that cater to most of the United States. However, as we are based in California, we are also offering a selection of local partners to those members in SF and LA to start. We'll aim to add a selection of local partners in future metro areas as demand/membership grows in that region.  We welcome any and all suggestions as members sign up!

What’s the deal with your concierge service?

We know that our initial partners won’t satisfy your every automotive need, so we want to provide an extra level of service to help guide you in the right direction, hence why w'e're offering a concierge service. Members can ask questions or reach out for advice on their car related needs. We don’t promise to have all the answers, but we'll make sure to help you find the right partner, contact, or info for you. With all of the options and info out there, we know it's nice to have a friend in the industry for a little guidance!

What’s your cancellation policy?

Memberships are non-refundable and all sales are final. Membership renews each year automatically unless canceled.

Who can I COntact if I have a question?

Shoot us an email at